Newsletter 3

Dalo Grows Better After Mucuna Beans and Lime

farmersDalo trials established in 2011 and 2012 under the AusAID sponsored ACIAR Soil Health Project investigated growth and yield from 'best bet' treatments decided by Taveuni farmers, MPI, SPC and researchers from the Queensland Department of Agriculture.

Initial trials in 2011 demonstrated the importance of lime and a mucuna fallow on increasing taro yield and decreasing losses due to soil-borne pathogens like rot and mealy bugs. 4 "best-bet" treatments were selected and trialed at 4 sites (Matei, Mua, Vione and Delaivuna).


Newsletter 2

farmers conference

Farmers Conference

The farmers conference was considered a great success by all those who attended with about 120 participating on the day. The key purpose of bringing people together was for the farmers to meet and share ideas, recognise that they are considered “the experts” in their communities, and encourage open communication and learning. Each group has a “champion” who helps with the organisation of monthly sessions, and it was wonderful to see the local mentors grasp the challenge of presenting to a large group as well as participating, integrating and sharing ideas between groups.

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Newsletter 1

Soil School, Mua Taveuni

Introducing Tei Tei Taveuni

Tei Tei Taveuni is a non-profit NGO formed by a group of farmers with an interest in sustainable farming, soil regeneration, food security, reforestation, conservation and environmental awareness.

Tei Tei Taveuni was formed by a group of farmers as a result of a seminar in June 2009 to discuss soil depletion and deforestation on Taveuni, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and sponsored by SPC.


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'Tei-Tei Taveuni' to facelift Taveuni

AGRICULTURE Ministry in collaboration with Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) last year organized a Farmers Summit in Taveuni in which farmers made a decision to form an action group. The group was named as Tei-Tei Taveuni Action Group. Group member, Ian Simpson said Tei-Tei Taveuni “is an organization of farmers for farmers, who wish to ensure that commercial farming is sustainable”.

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