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Introducing Soil School (Courses)

Taveuni today produces the majority of Fiji’s export taro but agriculture practices on the island are far from sustainable. Consequently the Island has the highest deforestation rate in Fiji according to the Forestry Department.

TTT wants to transform the production of Taro to a sustainable one that does not deplete the soil in the long run and farmers are able to use the land years after years without the current complete loss of fertility forcing farmers to search for new land.

Mike Smith of Organic Matters Foundation, an Australian NGO, was contacted to do a 3 hour introduction to Biological Farming. This was TTT’s first open meeting and it stirred a lot of interest. It also became obvious that more thorough introduction and actual training was necessary and in demand.

TTT organized a “two day soil school” in February together with Mike Smith from “Organic Matters”. The school was a great success with over 40 participants getting an introduction to Biological farming. The course was sponsored by SPC and MAFF. TTT and the Organic Matters Foundation decided to continue their relationship in this matter. TTT looks forward to continue the Soil School courses every 3 to 4 months and would also like to organize more specific courses such as “pH - What is it and How do I handle it?”, “Microbiology – How can the farm benefit?” and much more.

See our event calendar to find out when the next Soil Schools will take place.



Photos taken at the Soil School held in February, 2010.

Soil School opening

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